Benefits to you

Each organisation is unique and so is its vision. The benefits you enjoy will therefore come from how I help you. Here are some of the benefits that organisations I work with tell me they experience:

  • Working with someone who understands your sector and the things that make you different, whether you are a charity, NGO, university or other not-for-profit
  • Working with someone who really listens to you and takes time to understand your needs
  • Communications that are tailored to you so make a real difference to what you want to achieve
  • Empowered leaders and managers who recognise and deliver on their communication responsibilities
  • Staff, volunteers and other stakeholders who really understand what you’re trying to achieve and are engaged and motivated to play their part
  • Better understanding of what people think, feel or know, enabling improved collaboration and decision-making
  • Best use of your resources and time due to communicating effectively first time

A 2015 study from Third Sector/Birdsong indicated some of the issues that charities are having with their internal communications:

  • 62% say they feel well informed about what is happening within the charity (down from 73% in 2014)
  • 54% say they have confidence in their senior management team (down 9% on 2014)
  • 32% say communication between different teams/departments is effective (down 8% on 2014)
  • 2 things respondents are looking for: improved communication and empowerment & improved trust and communication between departments

Read the full Charity Pulse report.

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