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3 tips for communicating policies

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I have blogged before about communicating dry subjects, including policies. Today I am sharing my thoughts about the wider meaning of communication of policies at an organisation. Most organisations have policies that cover a wide range of areas: From how they calculate annual leave to how the company’s bank account is used. From how day-to-day processes comply with GDPR legislation …

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What to include in a communication toolkit

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Over the years I have worked with a lot of clients to put together a communication toolkit. These are a great way to share communication skills and spread consistency. Particularly when you have people whose natural impulse is to start by deciding on a channel, without thought for their purpose, audience or outcome. Toolkits can be used in a variety …

5 tips to improve email communication

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Email is generally held up to be the bane of business life. Especially now that so many of us have spent over a year working in different locations from our colleagues. We’ve all heard (and many of us have experienced) the horror stories of tidal waves of emails that just keep coming. But I have a confession to make… I …

8 tips for conversation at your organisation

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Conversation should always have been an important part of organisational communication. But the reality for many has been that genuine 2-way communication was not always top of the priority list. Listening to the voice of others takes time. Pressures to ‘get the comms out’ and tick a box don’t always allow that time. But being busy is no longer an …

Need help making the world kinder in 2021?

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If so, I can help you to solve problems by communicating more effectively and motivating people to take actions. Communication is, apparently, the root of all evil. It is almost always cited in staff surveys and individual conversations as needing improvement. But there are always things you can do to make it better. As I often say to clients, you …