Communication Research

“Sarah conducted
a thorough cultural
audit and helped
us develop a case
for investment”

What is it?

  • Independent, impartial employee and volunteer research
  • Communication audits and reviews
  • Tailored and facilitated to your needs, gathering input through individual discussions and group sessions
  • Analysis and insight into current situation, recurrent themes and future possibilities for improving communication
  • Clear written and/or verbal report and recommended actions you can take
  • Report my findings and recommendations to Boards and project committees

Why do it?

  • Get to the heart of what’s going on at your organisation – what are your people saying, thinking and feeling?
  • Organisations with better internal understanding improve their decisions, actions and communications
  • You can communicate more effectively and do more together when you see and understand each other’s perspectives – improved morale and motivation

I also run the IC Channel Check with my associate, Andrew Hesselden. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in exploring this option for your employee research.