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Your perception is your reality

One day some time ago when my daughter was much younger, we were discussing colours on the school run – to be more precise, we were discussing the colours of the autumn leaves that we kicked through on our way to the playground. Soggy weather had really highlighted the bright colours of the leaves and … Read more

How to put the case for internal communication resource

Most internal communications people I know would love to have more resource in their team. (Let’s be honest, some would simply like to have a team or even an internal comms-focussed job description.) These internal comms professionals know that even a small increase in head count could enable them to make a bigger difference to … Read more

3 comms articles I have enjoyed this week

My original plan for the blog this week was to share a list of my top 10 articles about communications in difficult times. But with client deadlines, a bank holiday weekend and several meetings connected to my trustee role, my time and head space for reading blogs and articles has been reduced recently. So I … Read more

Guest post: Communication habits for life not just global pandemics

This month I’m delighted to be joined by internal communication specialist, Victoria Winter, who shares her tips for the communication habits that will stand you in good stead now and long into the future. Ronan Keating, the great philosopher, once said: ‘You say it best, when you say nothing at all’. Then again, Ronan Keating … Read more

Internal communication – is it a magic answer?

The last few months have given internal communicators many opportunities to demonstrate the importance of the work that they do. They have supported their organisations to rapidly change the way they work and to connect with employees in unimaginable circumstances. This is a good thing for our profession. However… It’s an interesting point that once … Read more

Tips for communication that motivates in difficult times

As lockdown continues and organisations think about how to operate in these challenging times and into the uncertain future, a central challenge for communicators is how to keep their people moving forward together. I’ve pulled together some tips for keeping your communications motivational, genuine and human during this time. If you would like to talk … Read more

Guest post: How to check in with your employees when working from home

Now more than ever your internal communications need to connect with the day-to-day experiences and feelings of your people. This month’s guest, Teresa Gandy, shares her thoughts on why – and how – you should check in with your employees on a regular basis in order to make sure that you understand and support them … Read more

Guest post: Communication – essential for becoming inclusive

I have another great guest piece to share with you this month. Diversity and inclusion consultant, Ellie Highwood, explains how important it is for communications teams to work closely with equality and diversity teams. Together you can support your organisation or institution to be a positive place for all. There is one sure-fire way to … Read more