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Guest post: Communication – essential for becoming inclusive

I have another great guest piece to share with you this month. Diversity and inclusion consultant, Ellie Highwood, explains how important it is for communications teams to work closely with equality and diversity teams. Together you can support your organisation or institution to be a positive place for all. There is one sure-fire way to … Read more

One size does not fit all

Imagine you work for a charity that is developing an ambitious new strategy. You have decided that you can deliver a more secure future for thousands of young people by campaigning for systemic change, not just offering frontline services. This is exciting news for your organisation. You have been involved in the development of this … Read more

Diversity and inclusion for communicators

When I saw a Diversity and Inclusion for Communicators course advertised by the Institute of Internal Communication last year, I was really pleased. I knew this was an area I wanted to know more about, so I signed up straight away. I had previously worked with the Diversity and Inclusion Deans at the University of … Read more

Guest post: How communication can empower us through change

I’m delighted to welcome charity leadership and change specialist, Caroline Doran, as my first guest of 2020. It is a cliche but true that the only thing we can be certain of these days is change. Here, Caroline talks about how getting communication right at times of change can be hugely empowering for all concerned. … Read more

3 steps to encourage connections

This week I began a project with a new client. I also had a telephone call with another new client to discuss a workshop I’m running for them. During conversations with both of them I talked about the difference between formal and informal communication and why both are important. To be clear, I was not … Read more

How to identify your key messages

Key messages can be tricky to get right. This is especially true if you are close to the subject matter and know all the ins and outs by heart. Or if you are producing communications for a project manager who wants to cover all bases. But it is vital for effective communication that you find … Read more

A simple technique for finding purpose

Powerful, effective communication has a clear, meaningful purpose. If you don’t know why you are doing something, you can face a lot of unnecessary problems. And/or it can take much longer to reach your desired end point. Without a clear purpose for your communication you may: Send out mixed messages – causing confusion, inaction and … Read more

The importance of links

Earlier today I was in my local supermarket, trying to decide which of the 3 fantastic charities I should give my green token to, when I suddenly remembered a recent conversation with a friend who was looking for an organisation to support her through a difficult emotional time. One of the charities I was reading … Read more