Browning York is a purpose-led organisation, providing specialist communications support to organisations that make the world a kinder place. That’s charities, universities, not-for-profit and responsible organisations just like you!

My mission is to help you connect effectively with your audiences, inspire action and drive change, and ultimately deliver your vision of a better society.

Guided by my core values, I use my business to make the world a kinder place. As well as the comms work, I run the Time for Kindness programme. I am also a member of the Organisation for Responsible Business (ORB) and the /Together Coalition. I regularly share my skills through volunteering opportunities.

Sarah Browning
Sarah Browning

Benefits of working with me

Each organisation is unique and so is its vision. The benefits you enjoy will therefore come from how I help you. Here are some of the benefits that organisations I work with tell me they experience:

  • Working with someone who understands your sector and the things that make you different, whether you are a charity, university or other not-for-profit or a responsible business
  • Working with an NLP-qualified communication specialist who really listens to you and takes time to understand your needs
  • Communications that are tailored to you so make a real difference to what you want to achieve
  • Empowered leaders and managers who recognise and deliver on their communication responsibilities
  • Staff, volunteers and other stakeholders who really understand what you’re trying to achieve and are engaged and motivated to play their part
  • Better understanding of what people think, feel or know, enabling improved collaboration and decision-making
  • Best use of your resources and time due to communicating effectively first time

My other projects

The Time for Kindness programme is run by Browning York as one of the ways in which I have a positive impact on the world. This initiative is focussed on encouraging people to ‘see kind’ in the world around them, inspiring them to feel positive and hopeful. Read the uplifting stories and blogs on my Time for Kindness website. You can also sign up to become a voluntary Kindness Ambassador.

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