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3 communication lessons from dancing

It occurs to me that dance is one of the many, many forms of human communication. It’s a way for individuals and groups to express something for which words might not do the trick.

3 vital elements for team communication

Last week my family and I were lucky enough to go and see the England Lionesses football team play at the Euros. It was a fantastic experience! It always is when you watch your country’s national side and feel part of the extended ‘team’ in the stadium. When watching football matches, I’m always fascinated by … Read more

3 communication lessons from football commentators

It’s fair to say that I live in a football-mad household. My husband and 14-year-old are both fans. He has been watching the beautiful game for more than 40 years and she is a cracking left back for a local team. While I wouldn’t describe myself as a devotee, I’m happy to watch a match … Read more