Do you have a communications strategy but you’re not sure where to start putting it into practice? Perhaps because you lack confidence or perhaps because you have so many ideas. Or you might need a sounding board from outside your organisation to talk things through with?

Regular conversations with me as a mentor can help you work through ideas and challenges in a safe and supportive way. You will leave our conversations feeling energised and more confident about the next steps to take.

What is it?

  • Regular one to one (or one to small group) conversations
  • Advice, confidence-building and questions that prompt you to consider different perspectives
  • A confidential space to explore what matters most to you
  • Follow up record of key discussion points, including links for further reading where appropriate

Why do it?

  • People who are new to a communications role or who lack confidence in that role
  • Leaders and managers who want to get better at communicating with kindness
  • Individuals and small groups who want an external perspective on their plans and ideas

Prices start from £140 (no VAT) for a one-off power hour or £350/month (no VAT) for a 3-month mentoring programme.