Communications Research

Do you feel that you’re not getting your messages across to the right audiences at the right time in the right way? Is your communication team (of one or many) feeling overwhelmed or overworked, without being sure that the kindness stories and messages are getting through?

A communications audit will help you take stock, see what’s going on and work out what to do next. You can use my research and recommended actions to inform decision-making and report back to your Board or other stakeholders. It could also form the basis of a communication strategy.

As an independent person, I get to the heart of what’s happening and provide you with actionable insight to make improvements.

What is it?

  • Independent, impartial employee and volunteer research
  • Communication audits and reviews
  • Tailored and facilitated to your needs, gathering input through individual discussions and group sessions
  • Analysis and insight into current situation, recurrent themes and future possibilities for improving communication
  • Clear written and/or verbal report and recommended actions you can take
  • Report my findings and recommendations to Boards and project committees

Who is it for?

  • Communication teams who know something isn’t working, but aren’t sure what or why
  • Organisations who want an external perspective and best practice ideas
  • Communication teams who need insight to inform discussions with their Board
  • Teams and organisations with a vision of a kind world