Write Your Own Communication Strategy

Are you tired of putting a lot of effort into communicating without getting enough return? Do you have most of the ‘bits’ of a strategy, but you haven’t been able to put them together in a framework to guide you?

You know that a strategic approach will be more effective in delivering your messages and achieving your outcomes. But you need some support to get to that stage.

I can guide you expertly through a series of workshops to write your own communication strategy and build what you need yourselves.

What is it?

  • A series of facilitated sessions to take you through the process of writing your own comms strategy
  • A chance to bring together people including staff, trustees and volunteers to discuss communication
  • An expert review of your first draft, written following the first session
  • An accountability follow up, 6-8 weeks after the review

Who is it for?

  • Organisations that already have some communication activity going on but want to be more strategic
  • Organisations with limited budget to bring in external help
  • Inexperienced communications teams who want support to build their strategic skills
Write your own communications strategy
Strategy-Writing: Workflow