Sustainability Policy

At Browning York Ltd we believe that our business practices should be socially responsible and environmentally responsible. We are committed to minimising our company impact on the environment and promoting environmental and social sustainability through continuous improvement.

This policy sets out our commitment to sustainability and our commitment to continuously improving our environmental performance. We know that we’re not perfect and that we are on a journey to get things right. By working together, we can make a positive impact on society and the environment and create a more sustainable future.

  1. Environmental Impact Assessment: We will conduct regular assessments of our environmental impact and identify areas where we can make positive changes.
  2. Supplier Engagement: We will work with our suppliers to promote sustainable practices, reduce waste, and reduce emissions.
  3. Energy Efficiency: We will reduce our energy consumption and emissions by implementing energy-saving measures such as using energy-efficient lighting, appliances, and office equipment to reduce energy consumption.
  4. Waste Reduction: We will reduce waste by using more environmentally-friendly products and recycling as much as possible.
  5. Water Conservation: We will reduce our water usage and promote water conservation efforts, where applicable.
  6. Sustainable Travel: All business journeys are made using public transport, except in rare circumstances where car-pooling with colleagues is a more sustainable option. We will take into account online meeting options and use those instead of travelling to in-person meetings where appropriate.
  7. People Engagement: Browning York does not employ people directly, but we do work in collaboration with partners for some of our activities. Where appropriate, we will educate and engage our partners in our sustainability efforts and promote environmentally-friendly behaviours in the workplace.
  8. Community Outreach: We will engage with local communities and suppliers and we will take part in appropriate volunteering opportunities that have a positive impact on society and the environment.
  9. Continual Improvement: We will continuously monitor and improve our sustainability practices to ensure that we are reducing our impact on the environment and promoting sustainability.

Sustainable Procurement

At Browning York we aim to minimise the social and environmental impact of our procurement activity and promote circularity and responsible sourcing of goods and services. We commit to the following principles:

  1. Consider the Life Cycle: Evaluate the entire life cycle of a product or service, including the materials used, manufacturing process, transportation, and disposal, when making procurement decisions. Give preference to products and services that have a lower environmental impact, are energy-efficient, and have been certified as sustainable.
  2. Emphasise Social Responsibility: Consider the social impact of procurement decisions, including labour practices, fair trade, and human rights. Prioritise working with suppliers who demonstrate a commitment to these principles.
  3. Avoid Harmful Substances: Avoid procuring products and services that contain hazardous chemicals or materials that could harm the environment and human health.
  4. Support Circularity: Promote the use of circular economy principles, including the use of recycled materials, the rental or sharing of goods, and the repair and refurbishment of products.
  5. Monitor and Evaluate: Regularly monitor and evaluate the impact of procurement practices on the environment, society, and circularity, and make changes as needed to promote responsible and sustainable sourcing.

Updated: April 2024

This policy has been adapted from resources provided by Sustainable Pathways.