Communication Strategy and Plan

Are you looking for effective communication that supports your organisation’s aims and solves problems? Do you want to make the best use of your budget, resources and time?

When you work in a strategic way, the impact of your communication activity is higher. Your audiences receive, understand and respond to your messages. You don’t just ‘throw’ things at them. And, more importantly, you really listen to what they say.

You can use my professional expertise to write a high quality communication strategy and plan for your people to follow.

What is it?

  • A detailed communication strategy and/or plan for your organisation or project
  • Clear purpose for your communications and clear, simple messages
  • Understanding of your audiences so that you can tailor your communications to be more effective
  • Delivery through your existing channels and/or suggestions for new ones

Who is it for?

  • Communication teams and individuals who lack the time (or the experience) to write their strategy or plan
  • Communication teams who want an external perspective and best practice ideas included in their strategy or plan
  • Teams and organisations with a vision of a kind world

I can also support you to write your own comms strategy, through a series of facilitated sessions. That can be a more cost-effective way to develop a strategic approach, if you have the time, resource and inclination to do more of the work yourself.