The comms blog

Deadline day

Well, here it is, the deadline I set myself for a ‘web presence’. And overall, I think I’m just about there! As a starting point, I’m pleased with what I’ve done. There are others things I want to add over time and I’m sure there will be tweaks to be made, especially as I get … Read more

New pages

I have new content! Hurrah! A page about Browning York and a page about me. Both give overviews of who I am, what I believe and the difference I can make. Under Browning York you’ll find the vision I have for this business and the values I will follow in all that I do (these … Read more

Gone quiet?

Well, not really, not behind the scenes. I’ve been busy deciding what information I want to put on my blog and then writing some text. I’m pleased with what I’ve got so far and I’m going to ask a few close friends for their opinions, before I take the big step and….. PUBLISH!! The¬†deadline of … Read more

Hello world!

The last 8 months have been a real learning curve for me as I’ve set up my own business, Browning York.¬† And here comes another one, as I’m going to be learning as I go while I set up some sort of ‘web presence’ using WordPress! It’s lucky really that I believe life is one … Read more