The comms blog

Goodness knows, we’ve all got enough to do!

I often find myself pointing out that we’ve all got enough to do in our day-to-day jobs, without adding ‘do communication’ to our to do list. Of course, I’m not advocating that people forget about communicating all together, but rather that it’s important to make sure that you are getting some sort of return for … Read more

Hidden messages

This week I had to explain to a client that if she chose only to publish details of what external stakeholders thought of her project and not the views of her staff, she would be sending out the message that her employees’ opinions weren’t important. Similarly, if she published only glowing reports from employees, when … Read more

Let’s all row in the same direction

A while back, I posted a question on LinkedIn, asking how others would put the case for communication if they only had one sentence to do it. There were lots of great responses – it obviously sparked people’s interest. I guess I was asking people to give me a really short version of their ‘elevator … Read more

Red rubber bands

On the way to a friend’s house a few months ago, my young daughter pointed out some red rubber bands on the path. From her vantage point in the buggy she gets a good view of what’s down there and often points to red rubber bands lying around. She can even tell me that the … Read more

Deadline day

Well, here it is, the deadline I set myself for a ‘web presence’. And overall, I think I’m just about there! As a starting point, I’m pleased with what I’ve done. There are others things I want to add over time and I’m sure there will be tweaks to be made, especially as I get … Read more

New pages

I have new content! Hurrah! A page about Browning York and a page about me. Both give overviews of who I am, what I believe and the difference I can make. Under Browning York you’ll find the vision I have for this business and the values I will follow in all that I do (these … Read more

Gone quiet?

Well, not really, not behind the scenes. I’ve been busy deciding what information I want to put on my blog and then writing some text. I’m pleased with what I’ve got so far and I’m going to ask a few close friends for their opinions, before I take the big step and….. PUBLISH!! The¬†deadline of … Read more

Hello world!

The last 8 months have been a real learning curve for me as I’ve set up my own business, Browning York.¬† And here comes another one, as I’m going to be learning as I go while I set up some sort of ‘web presence’ using WordPress! It’s lucky really that I believe life is one … Read more