A communications case study

Marie Curie Care

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Who I worked with

Marie Curie Care, a charity supporting individuals living with a terminal illness

The challenge

The charity knew that something wasn’t working with their internal communications and with exciting but potentially challenging times of change ahead, such as a major rebrand, they knew that something needed to be done. I was asked to carry out a full audit of communication across the charity and make recommendations for taking things forward.

What happened?

Starting with the question ‘how will improved internal comms make a difference to patients and their families?’ I interviewed staff and volunteers across the whole range of roles, services and locations that make up the charity. From shop managers to corporate fundraisers, from specialist nurses to occupational therapists and hospice managers, from the Chief Exec to the PR team, everyone had a view on what worked, what didn’t and what should happen next.

Over several months I gathered views and input, then analysed everything I had been entrusted with to identify the key themes that came through again and again.

The outcomes

My resulting paper providing the topics, evidence and recommendations for how to make things better was agreed as the way forward by the Executive Board.

Sarah conducted a thorough cultural audit of the charity and helped Marie Curie develop a case for investment in Internal Communications. She also helped me create a space within which to develop this aspect of the Comms strategy.