A communications case study

Speakers for Schools

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Who I worked with

Speakers for Schools, a charity helping state schools inspire their students and broaden horizons through free talks from leading figures.

The challenge

The charity’s annual impact report needed a revamp and a new approach to more clearly demonstrate their story and the outcomes of their work. With a very small team, the Chief Executive, Ashley Hodges, needed extra support to produce high quality content.

What happened?

I worked with Ashley to identify a clear purpose and audiences for the report. From this I was able to recommend a content structure, including the key details that would inspire and motivate the audience of speakers, stakeholders and potential supporters. Once this structure was approved, I wrote content and liaised with the graphic designer, Ashley and other team members through the draft and proof stages.

The outcomes

Ashley and her trustee board were very pleased with the report. They felt that it helped build a narrative about the organisation, rather than just reporting outcomes. She had enjoyed the process of working with an external communicator for a fresh perspective and to help with managing the workload involved. As a result, she asked me to work on another project to improve the charity’s schools newsletter.