A communications case study

University of Southampton

University of Southampton

Who I worked with

The University of Southampton.

The challenge

The Internal Comms team didn’t have enough resource to promote a new programme of inter-disciplinary modules, called the Curriculum Innovation Programme. To increase understanding and take up among staff and students, the programme team needed a communication specialist for strategy, planning and delivery.

What happened?

Using my mantra of urging the team to look at what they were trying to achieve before we decided how to achieve it, I put together a plan and delivered it.

Instead of briefing the academics to write long, formal pieces describing their work, I decided to use video to get their passion for their modules across. It made a huge difference. I developed a website to act as a trusted information source, with clear sections for staff and students, as well as targeted communications to assist the School admin teams.

The outcome

The modules were very successful in terms of getting the numbers signing up and more academics involved. The programme team won a Vice-Chancellor Award. I came in for two months and stayed for three and a half years.

Sarah grasps the rationale for her projects quickly and understands the impact that they will have on individuals and teams. She took the time to understand the culture of the sector and institution, and this allowed her to adapt her communications, even reaching some academics who enjoy being elusive to internal comms!