A communications case study

Versus Arthritis

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Who I worked with

Versus Arthritis, a charity which provides support for people with arthritis across the UK

The challenge

After the development of the organisation’s new strategy, the Head of Organisational Development was working on the supporting internal communications and engagement (ICE) strategy and the ICE partner was tasked with BAU communications. But changes in the team meant that resources were impacted and both needed to find a way to deliver in the changing circumstances.

What happened?

I provided support to both the Head of Organisational Development and the ICE partner. I held 2 power hour sessions with the Head, where we reviewed and developed her draft strategy. I gave her advice and guidance on how to ensure the strategy met the needs of the organisation and followed best practice to achieve desired outcomes.

I mentored the ICE partner over 3 months, supporting her to identify priorities within the BAU work and to gain confidence in her approach, particularly in using her existing skills from previous roles. We also looked at the ways in which she could encourage others in the organisation to improve the way they communicate.

The outcomes

The charity now has a more strategic approach to internal comms and engagement, with more refined aims and objectives. Both the Head and ICE partner feel more confident about making improvements and focusing on the highest priorities to move things forward.

“Thanks so much for all you’ve contributed Sarah – we’re clearer and more on track with comms because of you! You were approachable, knowledgeable and really helpful at a time when we needed it.”

Angela Johnson, Head of Organisational Development

“My time with Sarah was invaluable, helping to grow my confidence and assertiveness. I was new to the world of internal comms when we started our mentoring journey. Over the course of our sessions, Sarah helped me to understand myself and my instincts better and see where I could transfer my existing skills and experience.”

Vicky Horne, Internal Communication and Engagement Partner

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