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Authenticity in communication

Many years ago the large charity I worked for was launching a particular employee initiative. I wanted to contact other organisations who had done something similar. My plan was to ask for their advice and learning about the communications. I was in a junior role and felt inexperienced, so I asked a more senior colleague … Read more

What if… we mentor new community members with kindness

Last month I wrote about the impact of sharing expertise with your community or wider afield. I’m delighted to follow that with this blog from corporate affairs intern, Ilyana Rajwani, sharing details of the kind welcome she received from more experienced colleagues. Another of the kindness in business stories I’m sharing this month. Being a … Read more

What if… we share our expertise?

We all have expertise in something. It may be a work skill, a hobby or a life skill. You may have detailed knowledge of your favourite book or film. You may have expert understanding of what makes others tick. Or of what makes you tick. But we can’t all be experts in everything. Sharing our … Read more

What if… we come together in kindness?

We start 2022 with a guest blog from internal comms professional, Monique Noel Brown. In it she shares how she used her communication skills to connect with a community of kind individuals at a time of distress when her cat needed expensive treatment. Oftentimes you’ll hear your friends, family – strangers passing in the street … Read more

What if… we speak up about believing in kindness

Throughout 2021 I have featured lots of wonderful guest writers for the ‘What If’ kindness series. I decided that the final one of the year should come from me! In January this year, I did two things that proved to be significant: I wrote a LinkedIn article and opened it with the words ‘This year … Read more

What if everyone feels welcome, supported and celebrated

I am delighted to share with you this month’s guest blog from web designer and global inclusion specialist, Danbee Shin. I heard her speak at a conference last month about the ways she welcomes her clients into her business with kindness. In this blog she shares her simple tips for making everyone feel welcome, supported … Read more

Connect globally through kindness

One of the reasons I set up Time for Kindness was to inspire people. I want to inspire those of us that believe in kindness already. And I want to inspire people who would like to believe in it but are unsure or embarrassed. Because sometimes being kind is portrayed as weak. Or carrying out … Read more

3 key stages of an internal comms audit

Many organisations have now begun a hybrid working model. Some people are based at home, some are back in the office. Some people are working a mix of both. Effective internal communication is at the heart of employee wellbeing, motivation and understanding. As everyone gets used to these new ways of working, organisations will need … Read more

What if… we prioritise kindness to self?

Today is World Mental Health Day. So I am delighted to bring to you this guest blog written by Sarah Tite, Director of Fundraising and Communications at the Mental Health Foundation. In it she shares a difficult time she experienced and how being kind to herself helped her to move forward. At the heart of … Read more