Happy List 2015

I have just seen the Independent on Sunday’s Happy List. In contrast to the usual lists of individuals – richest, most powerful etc – the people on this list have been chosen because their achievements are not about wealth as an end in itself. These people are kind, brave, ingenious, willing to stand up and say ‘that’s not good enough, I’m going to do something about it’.

Reading the list, I am inspired and humbled by these amazing people and the brilliant things they do to make the world a better place every day. I wish we heard more about these kinds of people and the things that they do – and to that end, I am taking my own very small step to make a change by promoting the list to my network, via my blog and my social networks.

Check out the Independent on Sunday’s Happy List 2015 and read about these wonderful people.

“Love lights more fires than hate extinguishes” Ella Wheeler Wilcox

How are you going to make the world a better place today?

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