10 communications I have enjoyed this year

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To round off the year I’ve been thinking about communications I’ve enjoyed. It was a deliberate choice to avoid saying these are my top 10 or my favourites. I have come into contact with so many communications over the last 12 months, it would be impossible to pick ‘the best’. And there are bound to be plenty that I loved all the time but have forgotten about now!

As you’ll see from the list below, it’s an eclectic mix. There are common elements to them though. Mostly I’m struck by the fact that the things I’ve enjoyed have involved stories and voice.

  • Listening to stories is a great way to learn, to build empathy and understanding, to be entertained.
  • Hearing from people in their own voice is really powerful too.

Lemn Sissay in conversation with Mike Fenton-Stevens

The My Time Capsule podcast is one of my favourites. The conversation between Mike (the host) and poet Lemn blew me away. So full of empathy, insight and enthusiasm, covering some really big topics (the care system, personal identity, colonialism, patriarchy) with warmth, humour and love.

‘What If…’ guest blog on accessibility and inclusivity

In July I was delighted to feature a blog from the fantastic Holly Tuke, all about the vital importance of putting accessibility and inclusivity at the heart of your communications. As a disability blogger and comms professional, Holly shared practical tips and her lived experience of the difference these things make.

Alex Scott’s message to women

Following yet another example of a man giving his negative, misogynistic and ignorant opinion of women in football, former England Lioness and current sports presenter, Alex Scott, responded in brilliant style. She signed off the coverage of a Women’s Super League match with a powerful message to women:

“Football is a better place with us all in it!”

Her strength and defiance was a joy to see and feel part of (I wouldn’t recommend reading the comments on the YouTube clip though – we still have a long way to go).

Green Skills for Business course

At the start of the year I took part in an online sustainability course. The range of speakers and the mix of big picture information and practical advice made a real impact on my business. As well as articulating my sustainability policy, it helped me to identify actions such as reviewing my supply chain. It’s a work in practice but the course was a great way to start.

Women of the World festival

This year I was able to attend the festival in London that celebrates and champions a gender equal world. I enjoyed all the talks but my favourite was a ‘fireside chat’ between hosts Courtney Boateng and Renée Kapuku from the To My Sisters podcast. It was inspiring to hear them talk about their friendship and share what they have learned to help others build healthy relationships with the people they love.

Conversation with my friend, Debs

Debs moved house this year. The conversation she and I had when she told me about the community she hoped to join was one of the most joyous of my year! It was an honour that she trusted me with what were, at the time, her excited dreams of ‘what if’. She is now settled in her new home and it’s fabulous to see how much it means to her.

Corporate volunteers talk at the CiPD Festival of Work

In May I went to the CiPD conference and one of the talks I attended was Sanjay Lobo, CEO of On Hand, speaking about corporate volunteering schemes. I was inspired by the conversation about businesses who want to make a social impact as well as a profit.

Curious Rebel TV conversation about AI

AI has been a big topic of conversation this year. It’s such a huge area that it can feel overwhelming to know where to start but as communicators we need to learn. The Curious Rebel TV conversation between Advita and her associate, Nishant Patel, was a really useful introduction to some of the things we need to think about.

Once Upon a Time in Northern Ireland documentary

When I was growing up in England in the 1980s, I was aware of the Troubles in Northern Ireland from the (English perspective) news. It wasn’t until I made a couple of close friends from Northern Ireland at university that I found out a bit more. This amazing documentary uses the stories of people from both sides who were directly involved. It is an incredibly powerful piece of film-making, using their stories in their words and footage from the time. As well as showing what was happening in general terms, it also showed me just how little I understood of my friends’ experiences.

KindFest 2023

A list of communications I enjoyed would not be complete without KindFest, the annual global celebration of kindness. It felt extra special this year because I was one of the speakers. I loved the conversations about the media, politics, grass-roots movements for change and the kindness in education awards. Informative, thought-provoking, celebratory: a whole afternoon dedicated to one of my favourite topics!

So that’s my list! What communications have you enjoyed this year?

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