Letter to Father Christmas

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Christmas tree

Starting to feel a lot like Christmas

I thought I would adopt a more methodical approach this year and plan my letter to Father Christmas like any other piece of communication:

Step 1 – Why? What do I want to achieve? What do I want Father Christmas to do as a result of my communication?

Leave me the presents I want! I want him to understand that I have been good all year. Want him to understand exactly which type of chocolate I would like (milk, not dark)

Step 2 – Who? Who am I communicating with, what do I know about him? What is important to him?

He only does this once a year, wants to get it right. He has magic powers. Important to him to only give presents to those who have been good. It’s a long night for him, could be cold and tired when he gets to my house.

Step 3 – What? What do I want to tell him? What does he want to know? What does he already know?

I want to tell him: I’ve been good all year; I would like some milk chocolate, some purple nail varnish, a woolly hat and gloves, a good book; there’s brandy and a mince pie for him by the Christmas tree.

He wants to know: what is there for me to eat and drink? Have you been good? What presents would you like? What does ‘good book’ mean?

He already knows that I was mean to my husband in June, but I said sorry.

Step 4 – When? What are the key dates?

Christmas Eve is 24 December – he needs enough time to get the presents together and pack the sledge.

Step 5 – How? Which channels are available? Which channels are most suitable?

Letter is the tried and tested method. Don’t know how often Father Christmas checks his email.

Step 6 – How am I going to measure the success of my communication?

Did I get the presents I asked for?

There, that should do it 🙂

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Until next year