3 comms articles I have enjoyed this week

Paper, computer, people, communication channelsMy original plan for the blog this week was to share a list of my top 10 articles about communications in difficult times. But with client deadlines, a bank holiday weekend and several meetings connected to my trustee role, my time and head space for reading blogs and articles has been reduced recently.

So I am presenting you with my top 3 instead.

It seems from conversations with colleagues, friends and family members that we have hit a bit of a collective wall during the last couple of weeks. There are of course many reasons for that and I don’t propose to go into them now.

But I’m hoping that you will forgive this smaller number of articles. And you might even appreciate the brevity of the list. It will hopefully give you back some time to stand outside, do some yoga, paint a picture or play with the dog – whatever you need to help you deal with your particular combination of challenges.

Article 1
Communicating on the road to recovery
A really good checklist of areas for internal comms teams to consider as organisations take their next steps:

Article 2
Planning for the impossible
This article is written in relation to the business world, but it has some useful ‘what if’ questions and other leadership communication suggestions that are applicable for all types of organisations:

Article 3
Supporting our leaders to communicate in tricky times
A longer read 3 ways we can help them and add value to them:

If you have an article that you have particularly enjoyed reading recently, please do let me know. Even when I don’t have a lot of spare time, I do like to read a few things here and there. It is always good to understand others’ perspectives and to learn some new tips. Especially at a time like now.

Until next time

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