Are the numbers talking to me?

browningyork Communication audiences

As I am coming up to the end of my financial year, a lot of my communication at the moment is with my accountant. He is a great support throughout the year, but as we come to the end of one accounting period and the start of the next, he is invaluable.

If I’m honest, numbers have never spoken to me in the way that words do. And even the words that are associated with finance are sometimes alien to me. But thanks to my accountant – let’s call him Derek – I’m now beginning to understand the things that I need to know as a business owner.

So how has Derek brought this transformation about? Well, first of all, he knows that he needs to get me to understand my accounts sufficiently to be able to sign them off. It’s ultimately my responsibility, so I have to know what’s going on (see my earlier post about the importance of integrity and being able to look myself in the eye).

Secondly, he does a very good job of understanding me. I’m not a finance professional, I’m a lay person who wants to understand, with limited knowledge of finance jargon and a nervous rash every time HMRC get in touch (it’s the manner of their communication, not a guilty conscience)! So Derek adapts how he talks to me, using simple explanations and no jargon. I’m sure he talks to accountant buddies in a very different way!

He also presents information to me in a clear, simple way – and he uses colours on the spreadsheet because he knows I like those.

Every profession has its own knowledge, processes and jargon (including the internal communication profession). If you are offering a service to clients, it’s important to recognise that you need to think carefully when communicating with them. And that should help you to achieve the success that Derek has had in finally getting me to understand numbers!

Until next time