Changing the world inspires me – what about you?

WorldimageRecently I read an article in The Observer about a guy who has set up a new free school in Newham, a deprived borough of London. He described the mountain of seemingly insurmountable hurdles that he and his fellow believers had to face to get the school up and running. The things they had to do for themselves, from writing a business plan and pitching to the council, to picking up dangerous nails in the playground and choosing clip-on ties for the school uniform. The dedication and commitment he and the others showed to their vision for making the lives of children in that borough better was truly inspiring to me.

I realise that the people I find inspiring are always those who are prepared to try something different to reach for a vision they believe in. People like Camila Batmanghelidjh and the late Mo Mowlam. They want to make the world a better place and they’re not prepared to accept that things have to stay the same. They do what they can, against difficult odds, and they persevere because they care about the outcome. They want to see their vision become a reality.

And the achievements of the organisations that I work with inspire me too. They are giving dignity to human beings in their dying hours, giving vulnerable teenagers a safe place to go, fighting poverty and injustice around the world. They are training the doctors of the future and the leaders who will be open to others’ perspectives. I am proud to contribute in even a small way to their work changing the world and to help them to do even more of these amazing things.

At the heart of the work that I do for them is their need to share their vision and their stories with a wide range of audiences. These organisations have to demonstrate why it’s so important to persevere and support those who are vulnerable and in need of help. Obviously they need to get this message to supporters and donors; it’s just as important to ensure all volunteers and employees get that too. Whatever their job, however big or small their contribution, they must all understand the vision and want to strive for it.

People working together for others. That’s what inspires me – what inspires you?

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