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How to communicate: a tip from Sir Terry

At the height of his broadcasting fame, Sir Terry Wogan was apparently asked how many listeners he had. He was the much-loved presenter of Wake up to Wogan, Radio 2’s popular breakfast show, at the time. His actual listening figure was around 10 million. But his answer to the question? “One.” Communication genius I am … Read more

Don’t embarrass your mother and other thoughts on effective communication

This afternoon I am talking to the local Women’s Institute (WI) group about ABC to read, the literacy charity of which I am a trustee. It’s a chance to spread the word about the work we do to change children’s lives by supporting them to develop their literacy skills. As with many small organisations, we … Read more

My journey – Instow to Westward Ho!

Last week I joined my friend, Morwhenna, for a sponsored walk in North Devon. The days I spent with her were just part of a longer 3-week journey she is undertaking from Brecon in Wales to Morwenstow in Cornwall, raising funds and awareness for The Stroke Association. Having had a stroke herself at the age … Read more

3 things communicators can learn from the great outdoors

I often choose to work outdoors, relishing the fresh air in my lungs and the feeling of space around me. Obviously, I don’t mean that I have become a landscape gardener or a tree surgeon – letting me loose with a chainsaw or strimmer would be a mistake for all concerned – but instead of … Read more