What’s love got to do with it?!

I mentioned last month that one of my values is integrity. This month I’m going to talk about another of my values – love. (I know, it’s Valentine’s Day, this is a corny topic, but at least it’s knowingly corny and do ‘bear with’, because I think I have a point!)

My clients and the work that they do are really important to me. I do the work that I do because I truly believe that effective internal communication can make these amazing organisations even stronger. When everyone is lined up with their vision and knows what they are contributing, more children can be supported to live happy lives, more communities can take control of their future and our understanding and treatment of diseases can be improved.

That’s all very good and noble of me, but what does it actually mean for my clients? It means that I get to know the business of their organisation and the detail of what they are trying to achieve. It means I always do my best for them, whether that is putting together a high quality communications plan, carrying out detailed internal research, writing compelling copy or a host of other things. It means I work with their people, finding the best solutions that truly work for them, not telling them what to do from a distanced perspective. And I coach, explain and transfer my skills to their people – leaving the organisation in a better place than when I began.

Most of all, it means I really feel part of the organisation and have an interest in their long-term success. And being interested in and caring about someone else is what love is all about, in my book.

Please do get in touch if you think that my approach could help you and your organisation.

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