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Need help with your communications in 2019?

If so, I can help you to solve problems by communicating more effectively and motivating people to take actions. Communication is, apparently, the root of all evil – it is almost always cited in staff surveys and individual conversations at the water cooler as needing improvement. But there are always things you can do to … Read more

Guest post: Becoming an IC trusted adviser

With the summer holidays drawing to an end, offices and workplaces will start to fill up again and it’s time to start (re)building working relationships. This month’s guest post comes from internal comms expert, Advita Patel, who shares some tips for becoming a trusted adviser. If you’ve ever worked as an Internal Communications professional you … Read more

10 tips for your internal comms strategy

If you’re currently working on your internal communications strategy, you’re not alone. I’m working with two charities at the moment to help them develop theirs and strategies were the topic for yesterday’s CharityComms special interest group for internal communicatiors. It’s great to know that so many organisations are recognising the strategic importance of effective internal … Read more

10 freelance communication experiences

Today is the 7th anniversary of the date I officially set up my not-for-profit and higher education communications limited company. I’m celebrating by sharing some of my favourite moments. I love my work When I left Cancer Research UK after 7 happy years, I needed to earn an income, but I also wanted to carry … Read more

Retro post: The importance of getting it right when you write

I love writing and during the summer holidays I get to spend more time than usual writing in my journal. Last summer I published this blog piece about writing as a core skill for communicators…. Over the last few years I have attended a number of careers events to talk about my profession and raise … Read more

How can I help you with your communications?

My clients are busy people, with lots to do and lots to achieve. They recognise that communication at their organisation needs improving – often because other people have told them so – but they don’t know where to start, haven’t got enough pairs of hands or they don’t feel confident enough in their own communication … Read more

3 things I love about my job

As a freelance communication specialist, I’m lucky enough to work with fascinating teams and for amazing organisations. Although all my work shares a communications theme, there is plenty of variety in the detail of my projects that is enjoyable and rewarding. Recently I’ve been reflecting on some of the most enjoyable, fun and proud moments … Read more

I have a proposal for you

Today I have been writing a proposal document for a potential new project. I know of many freelancers and people running their own companies who don’t enjoy this part of being independent, but I quite enjoy it. Maybe I would feel different if I had to complete a formal, structured tender process. Or if I … Read more

How can I help you with your communications?

To start the new year, I am launching a clearer articulation of my work. The things that I do for my clients and the difference I make to their organisations. The things that I could do for you if you’d like me to. My clients are busy people, with lots to do and lots to … Read more

Browning York Ltd is open for business

[getty src=”185233364?et=oUbK_02DSexPH687ST2izw&sig=llYApuUbbXiR2pKy8H9rQnhIDl0c0omrGkqJ5FX6KCA=” width=”463″ height=”370″]After a fabulous summer recharging my batteries, I’m now back in the office and raring to go. Lots of new thoughts, ideas and plans are flying around my head, ready to be honed, perfected and released. These are exciting times! The first thing on the list is to continue my work helping … Read more