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Many years ago when the large charity I worked for was launching a particular employee initiative, I wanted to contact other organisations who had done something similar and ask for their advice and learning about the communications. Because I was in a junior role and felt inexperienced, I decided to ask a more senior colleague to cast an eye over my email before I sent it.

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As is my way, I had peppered it with enthusiastic turns of phrase such as ‘I would love to hear how….’ and ‘it would be fantastic to learn…’ My colleague took one look and said I should remove all these phrases as they were not ‘business-like’. Theses days I would beg to differ, but at the time I reworded as per her advice; not only did I end up feeling a bit flat about my own request, I got a very muted response from the recipients.

Over the years I have become more confident about my own communications style and skills. Recently I published a LinkedIn article with the title ‘What makes your heart sing?’. This has proved to be one of my most popular LinkedIn posts, the title and more personal nature seem to have struck a chord. In response, people have said how much they like the piece and shared details of the things that they love.

These two stories combine to illustrate the need for – and power of – authenticity in communications. When you speak from the heart and show the real person behind your professional face, people respond well. Effective communication, whether in your business or personal life, is all about making connections and eliciting responses.

I highly recommend looking for ways to make your communications more human and authentic. What stories do you have to share? What is the tone of your language that shows who you are and enables people to connect with the real you?

Here are a few of my favourite ‘from the heart’ blog articles to inspire you:

  • Living Life to the full – written by entrepreneur and local politician, Rachel Eden, about the ways she took risks to demonstrate commitment to things she believes in.
  • The Mindfulness of Motorcycling – a blog from coach and wellbeing consultant, Lucy Whitehall, about the similarities between her twin loves of practising mindfulness and riding her motor bike.
  • Wellbeing and paganism – a fascinating insight from therapist, Phil Gowler, into the similarities between his therapeutic techniques and other belief systems, as illustrated by experiences he has had in his life.

What makes your heart sing?

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