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What if… we create cycles of kindness on social media

This month I welcome social media guide, Alexis Bushnell, to the blog. She shares some wonderful insight into the power we all have to create feeds that will breed kindness and make us smile. What if I told you that you have more power to control what happens on social media than Mark Zuckerberg? I … Read more

Tips to articulate your kindness stories

At a time when charities are #NeverMoreNeeded, expressing the impact you have in the world is more important than ever. As a sector we need to show how we remain relevant in a rapidly-changing world. Your organisation is making the world kinder: how you express that will depend on your audiences. You need to identify … Read more

Guest post: 3 tips to engage trustees on communications

To mark Trustees’ Week 2019, which took place from 4 to 8 November, my guest blogger, communications consultant and not-for-profit Board member Helen Deakin, talks top tips for engaging with your Board on communications. Are you looking to contribute to a great cause and advance your own professional development? Has becoming a trustee ever been … Read more

4 tips for summer communication

The summer can be a funny time for organisational communication in most workplaces. At any given time, many colleagues will be away on holiday and those who are in the office may find themselves covering more work than usual. For some teams, such as the admissions teams at universities for example, the summer is the … Read more

Guest post: comms lessons from an 11-year-old

Thanks to the Easter school holidays I’ve spent much of the last couple of weeks hanging out with my daughter. Like many 11-year-olds she’s very wise and tells it like it is, so I interviewed her about her views on communication for this month’s guest slot. Listening to young people more is something we should … Read more