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Small Charities Coaliton training roomYesterday I ran an Effective Communication for your Charity training workshop on behalf of Small Charities Coalition. With 13 attendees from a range of different organisations in the room we had lots of discussion, lots of practice of communication techniques and a few laughs too.

They may have come from different organisations with a variety of charitable purposes and objectives, but there was one thing they shared: each member of the group came with a desire to improve their communications and make a positive difference to the individuals, families and communities that they work with.

With only 3 hours together, we had a lot to cover and we hit the ground running. We started by ensuring we had a shared understanding of effective communication and what that really means; we moved on to the basics of communication planning; we practised developing audience understanding and putting ourselves in their shoes; we put together some key messages for their organisations; and we talked about the communication methods that might work for them.

We even managed to find time to have a chat about crisis communications and communicating change.


It was whistle-stop and intense, but participants from small charities are used to doing a lot with their time and wearing many hats. They left ready to take their first steps towards more effective communication as soon as possible.

Amongst other things, we discussed:

  • A structured list of questions to give focus for the content of an upcoming AGM.
  • What to include in a communication strategy that aligns with an organisational strategy and its fundraising counterpart.
  • Ideas for reaching out to different audiences with different messages and using different channels, all at the same time.
  • Where to start with engaging a completely new group of potential supporters who have different communication needs and preferences to existing donors.
  • The need to make sure that visual content also reflects your organisation’s ‘tone of voice’ and supports what you are trying to achieve.
  • If you would like me to run a similar communications workshop for your organisation, please get in touch.

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