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Finding meaningful measures

Following on from Adeeba Hussain’s excellent guest blog on measuring the success of communication, this week I have decided to write about the importance of meaningful measures. Whatever organisation you are part of, the way you evaluate your success and impact has to mean something to you. Simply copying the things that someone else measures … Read more

What does communication success mean to you?

Following on from last week’s blog, when I shared my thoughts on what makes communication successful, I decided to ask others what successful communication means to them. I posed the question in a couple of Facebook groups I am part of and this blog shares the answers I received. I was struck by the similarities … Read more

How to communicate successfully

Before we get into the detail of how to create communication success, we need to talk about what success actually means in this context. According to the Collins dictionary, the definition is: So you might consider that you have succeeded in communicating when: You have sent something out You have sent something out without factual … Read more

20 things I learned from #CharityMeetup

Last night I went along to a Charity Meetup – a networking event aimed at people working for and with charities. As a communications specialist working with not-for-profit organisations, I always enjoy meeting like-minded souls, sharing ideas and best practice from our wonderful – and sometimes challenging – sector. The Charity Meetup events always take … Read more