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Finding meaningful measures

Following on from Adeeba Hussain’s excellent guest blog on measuring the success of communication, this week I have decided to write about the importance of meaningful measures. Whatever organisation you are part of, the way you evaluate your success and impact has to mean something to you. Simply copying the things that someone else measures … Read more

Guest post: How to choose internal comms metrics

This month’s guest is internal comms manager, Andrew Hesselden, who shares his thoughts on why as internal communicators we sometimes get in a muddle with metrics. In any line of work, the ability to measure the impact of what you are doing is important to achieving success. After all, how will you know whether or … Read more

On bagels and feedback…

Whilst preparing my breakfast bagel this morning (served lightly toasted with honey, if you’re interested) I noticed this message on the wrapper. This brilliant example of demonstrating how the company have listened to – and acted upon – customer feedback, immediately struck me as being worthy of writing about here. Gathering feedback is an important … Read more