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20 pointers for communication in a crisis

Many organisations will face challenges from time to time that count as a crisis. When these situations arise, they will need both effective communication and appropriate actions to get through it. Often the comms effort will be focussed outside the organisation. But what part can – and should – internal communication play? That was the … Read more

Have you got a communication plan for the unexpected?

Many households in the area where I live have today been affected by a lack of water – apparently it was something to do with a problem at the local reservoir and it has given the water company a chance to demonstrate their abilities with customer communications. As it happens, my house isn’t one of … Read more

Communicating in a crisis

“I wish they’d communicate directly with us and tell us what they’re doing,” said the volunteer in her high-vis jacket, desperately trying to co-ordinate the efforts to help the wretched residents of her village as they were flooded out of their homes. The ‘they’ in question were the Government and she was talking to the … Read more