Communication is the root of all evil, right?

And it’s always someone over there who isn’t communicating with me. You didn’t tell me that, you’re telling me too much, I’m overwhelmed. You can’t win!

But, actually, you can….

    If your internal communication is based on an understanding of the employee voice, knowing how they think and feel about different topics, and engaging in meaningful conversations with them to find out what’s important to them and what’s important to senior managers and leaders.
    If you’re communication has a purpose and supports the business objectives of your organisation.
    If you have a plan to use the best channels that your people love and that deliver the outcome you are aiming for.
    If you are using key messages that are strong, meaningful and relevant and that you adapt over time in line with feedback and ongoing discussion.
    If your messages are conveyed in sparkling words that everyone understands and connects with.
    If your people have the skills they need to communicate effectively.

Then you’ll have a successful organisation, my friend.

Your people will feel listened to and able to contribute to discussions and decisions that affect them, their organisation and, most importantly, your beneficiaries. Your communications will make a difference to what happens at your organisation and the outcomes you achieve because they will have been planned to support them. Your channels will be pored over by your people because they understand what’s being said and see how it is relevant to them. Your people will be brilliant communicators in their own right, able to communicate well with each other at all levels and for all reasons.

One page summaryWithout super-hot communications, most organisations would not succeed. From telling the world what you’re doing, to ensuring that all your employees and volunteers know the direction of travel and how they’re contributing to it, effective communication is a vital element of the success of any organisation.

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