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Diversity and inclusion for communicators

When I saw a Diversity and Inclusion for Communicators course advertised by the Institute of Internal Communication last year, I was really pleased. I knew this was an area I wanted to know more about, so I signed up straight away. I had previously worked with the Diversity and Inclusion Deans at the University of … Read more

The importance of links

Earlier today I was in my local supermarket, trying to decide which of the 3 fantastic charities I should give my green token to, when I suddenly remembered a recent conversation with a friend who was looking for an organisation to support her through a difficult emotional time. One of the charities I was reading … Read more

3 tips for communicating with your internal customers

The term internal communication means many things to many people. The specifics of what is involved, who is involved and the channels that are used can vary greatly between organisations. Factors such as the number of employees, the roles they do, where in the world they are based and so on can make a real … Read more

10 key points from the Strategic People conference

This was my second year at the Strategic People Conference from Agenda Consulting. This year’s theme was ‘Thoughtful leadership for a healthy culture’. Once again I came away with lots of new ideas and questions to consider in my work with my clients. Throughout the day there was ample opportunity to learn from different perspectives … Read more

Retro post: how to understand culture through tea

Since I work with a lot of different organisations, I get to work with many teams and in a variety of environments – the best way to understand their culture is to suss out the tea and coffee making facilities. Back in 2014 I wrote a blog about the things I’d learnt from the humble … Read more

Good reads on employee engagement

In a Wall Street Journal article about employee engagement that was published this summer, a senior leader from a retail organisation was quoted as saying: “We used to prioritize our stakeholders as shareholders first, customers second, and employees third. We now realize we had it backward. If we put employees first, they in turn take … Read more