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Guest post: How to check in with your employees when working from home

Now more than ever your internal communications need to connect with the day-to-day experiences and feelings of your people. This month’s guest, Teresa Gandy, shares her thoughts on why – and how – you should check in with your employees on a regular basis in order to make sure that you understand and support them … Read more

7 tips for fantastic focus groups

I often help my clients to run focus groups with their employees, volunteers and other stakeholders, which is a role I love. Being a facilitator and enabling people to articulate and present their views is really important. However, running a focus group is not always as easy as it seems and if you get it … Read more

How to communicate with frontline staff

As an internal communicator, there are man1y different types of audience you have to bear in mind. There is no such thing as a one-size fits all approach to internal communication – your communication plans should always acknowledge the groups within your staff body and use the golden thread of messaging to link everything together, … Read more

Raisin shout? The song lyric that never was

My 7-year-old daughter has been a member of her school choir for almost 2 years. Every Thursday lunchtime, she rushes through her lasagne in the lunch hall, has a quick dash round the playground and then trots along to the music classroom. There she giggles with her friends and belts out a few tunes (all … Read more

How can I help you with your communications?

To start the new year, I am launching a clearer articulation of my work. The things that I do for my clients and the difference I make to their organisations. The things that I could do for you if you’d like me to. My clients are busy people, with lots to do and lots to … Read more

On bagels and feedback…

Whilst preparing my breakfast bagel this morning (served lightly toasted with honey, if you’re interested) I noticed this message on the wrapper. This brilliant example of demonstrating how the company have listened to – and acted upon – customer feedback, immediately struck me as being worthy of writing about here. Gathering feedback is an important … Read more