A pair of hands holding a pen and writing a shopping list

5 tips for writing an effective shopping list

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Towards the end of the calendar year I have to get serious about using a shopping list. Several important people in my life have birthdays in November and December. And then of course we’re into the festive shopping period… I’m rather a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas shopping. I may pick up a small thing or two in October, …

Great communications from 2019

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Once again I decided to finish the year on my blog by asking some lovely people about the communications that meant something to them during the last 12 months. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, there is a political feel to several of the choices. There are also representations of how we can all do something for others and develop ourselves to do better. …

Cutting through the Christmas noise

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At Christmas we often find ourselves surrounded by noise. But I’m not talking about sleigh bells or those irritating novelty decorations that sing a tune and make a racket. I mean the multiple messages that come our way. Here are just some of the things we come across at this time of year: Adverts from stores such as you-know-who, telling …