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What if… we create cycles of kindness on social media

This month I welcome social media guide, Alexis Bushnell, to the blog. She shares some wonderful insight into the power we all have to create feeds that will breed kindness and make us smile. What if I told you that you have more power to control what happens on social media than Mark Zuckerberg? I … Read more

Guest post: Content that encourages action

In this month’s guest post, my fellow communications professional, Amy Hutson, shares some top tips for ensuring that your content works hard and encourages your audience to do something as a result. While writing might be something we do every day, writing content that encourages our audience to take action can be quite a challenge. … Read more

Time to get social?

Like many internal communications professionals, I am on a mission to get the people I work with to put some thought and planning into their communications. It drives me mad when someone comes to me and says ‘I need an e-newsletter’ but they have no idea what they’re trying to achieve or who will read … Read more