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Does having a cuppa affect engagement levels?

This week I’m pondering about tea (and coffee)…. I’ve just started a new interim contract with a client that I haven’t worked for before. It means a new organisation to get to know, new priorities and ways of working, a new office, new colleagues – and a whole new set of tea rules! Luckily things … Read more

Engaging lessons from sport: round 2

Anyone for tennis? Continuing the topical sport theme, this time I’m turning my attention to tennis and the Wimbledon championships. For me, Wimbledon fortnight is a fabulous example of a compelling, engaging story. There are many reasons for that and, as always, for those of us who are looking to develop these kinds of stories … Read more

4 communication lessons from the Football World Cup

World Cup fever has well and truly set in at my house. The sticker book is almost complete, the wall chart is up and the relevant match times have been written on the calendar. There is much excitement and anticipation as we await kick-off of the first game. As usual, my thoughts are turning to … Read more