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3 communication lessons from dancing

It occurs to me that dance is one of the many, many forms of human communication. It’s a way for individuals and groups to express something for which words might not do the trick.

3 vital elements for team communication

Last week my family and I were lucky enough to go and see the England Lionesses football team play at the Euros. It was a fantastic experience! It always is when you watch your country’s national side and feel part of the extended ‘team’ in the stadium. When watching football matches, I’m always fascinated by … Read more

3 communication lessons from football commentators

It’s fair to say that I live in a football-mad household. My husband and 14-year-old are both fans. He has been watching the beautiful game for more than 40 years and she is a cracking left back for a local team. While I wouldn’t describe myself as a devotee, I’m happy to watch a match … Read more

A kindness interview with the Mayor of Reading

I recently had the opportunity to talk to my friend and colleague, Rachel Eden, about kindness in public service. Rachel has been an elected member of Reading Borough Council since 2010, has stood as a parliamentary candidate in 2 General Elections and is the current Mayor of Reading. She also runs her own finance and … Read more

What if… people involved in politics are kind?

This month’s guest blog comes from Malcolm Powers, who shares his experiences of kindness in politics. The dominant narrative we have about politics right now, especially on a national level in the UK, is not about kindness, so I’m delighted to read a different perspective. I’m Labour and you’re Conservative so we hate each other. … Read more

What if… we allow our best selves to shine through?

This month’s guest blogger is environmental leadership coach, Kath Allen, who shares some tips for ensuring we show ourselves kindness, as a basis for kindness to others. I am an environmental leadership coach and I believe that self-care is an act of environmental activism. When we take exceptional care of ourselves and attend to our … Read more

10 questions for building a communication strategy

‘How do I build a communication strategy or plan?’ remains one of the most common questions I get asked. I find it reassuring because it demonstrates a recognition that a strategic approach is going to be better than an ad hoc one for reaching audiences with messages of kindness. This week I am running a … Read more