Guest post: The power of listening

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In this month’s guest post, we learn from trainer and coach, Stephanie Smith, about the powerful, but often under-rated, communication skill of listening. One of my favourite workshop exercises uses a picture. It’s a complex image; one of those where the longer you look, the more you see. I show participants the picture for 3 seconds, remove it and ask …

Solving motivation & productivity problems

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This is the second in my series about how to solve problems at your organisation by improving your communication. Until next time Sarah Other articles in this series: Solving process problems through effective communication Reducing silo-working The perils of no communication The link between fundraising and communication

Audience insight – where to get it and what to do with it

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Last week I attended the Public Sector Communications Conference. It was a great day, with really interesting speakers and useful conversations with my fellow delegates to develop ideas further. It was the sort of day where you go home with a spring in your step and ideas buzzing round your head! As you might expect, there were distinct themes that …

Effective communicators listen to understand

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One thing I have noticed coming through again and again in all the post-referendum Facebook posts, tweets and blog pieces is the sense that so many people don’t feel listened to. This has been picked up in newspaper articles and comment pieces too. It seems that many Leave voters were motivated to put their cross in the second box because …

Your perception is your reality

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On the school run this morning, my daughter and I were discussing colours – to be more precise, we were discussing the colours of the autumn leaves that we kicked through on our way to the playground. The soggy weather had really highlighted the bright colours of the leaves and I commented that I liked the copper colour of some …