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How to frame messages that work

Sometimes it seems as though messages are the part of communication that gets forgotten. There is often much focus on format – whether to use video or text, how to make an Insta-ready image, the best time of day to send the e-newsletter etc. But I rarely hear as much deliberation about the actual messages. … Read more

How to avoid misunderstandings in times of uncertainty

One piece of communication can send many messages, some of which may not be immediately obvious to the person sending it. This is particularly true in situations of uncertainty, where your people are worried about the future. They may even be actively looking for hidden meaning behind your words. So as communicators we need to … Read more

The missing message in change communication

Change is everywhere you look. It is a fact of life in our fast-paced world and organisations are experiencing change on a large and small scale every day. Effective communication is a key part of ensuring that your change programme works and that your people are involved, engaged and motivated. I recently wrote a LinkedIn … Read more

Keeping your internal comms simple

I attended another great CharityComms event yesterday; this time a seminar on the changing face of internal communication, with case studies and tips on integrating internal and external comms, engaging your staff with a new organisational strategy and launching a new campaign with all your staff on board. As is often the case with events … Read more