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10 tips from the public sector comms conference

Yesterday I attended the public sector comms conference and came away with my head buzzing with ideas. It was a packed agenda, with speakers from a whole range of organisations, and sessions covering a variety of topics. A key theme was using effective communication to support behaviour change and here are some takeaways from the … Read more

Communication in an ever-changing world

Change communication seems to be featuring even more regularly in my professional life than usual at the moment. It has been true for a long time that whilst I often hear people saying things like “here we go again, we’ve seen all this before, it’ll be better when the change stops”, change has become an … Read more

The missing message in change communication

Change is everywhere you look. It is a fact of life in our fast-paced world and organisations are experiencing change on a large and small scale every day. Effective communication is a key part of ensuring that your change programme works and that your people are involved, engaged and motivated. I recently wrote a LinkedIn … Read more