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How can I help you with your communications?

My clients are busy people, with lots to do and lots to achieve. They recognise that communication at their organisation needs improving – often because other people have told them so – but they don’t know where to start, haven’t got enough pairs of hands or they don’t feel confident enough in their own communication … Read more

3 things I love about my job

As a freelance communication specialist, I’m lucky enough to work with fascinating teams and for amazing organisations. Although all my work shares a communications theme, there is plenty of variety in the detail of my projects that is enjoyable and rewarding. Recently I’ve been reflecting on some of the most enjoyable, fun and proud moments … Read more

What’s next?

This week my thoughts are turning to graduation and careers. With universities up and down the country erecting marquees, polishing the champagne flutes and preparing to celebrate the achievements of their students, there is an air of excitement and pride that adds a buzz to the whole university community. At the same time, for many … Read more

Browning York Ltd is open for business

[getty src=”185233364?et=oUbK_02DSexPH687ST2izw&sig=llYApuUbbXiR2pKy8H9rQnhIDl0c0omrGkqJ5FX6KCA=” width=”463″ height=”370″]After a fabulous summer recharging my batteries, I’m now back in the office and raring to go. Lots of new thoughts, ideas and plans are flying around my head, ready to be honed, perfected and released. These are exciting times! The first thing on the list is to continue my work helping … Read more

Time to re-charge my batteries

The first half of this year (plus a bit) has been quite something! I’ve travelled the length and breadth of the country; completed some communications projects and started new ones; worked with great people I’ve known for a while and with fantastic new clients; written all sorts of news pieces, articles and reports; listened to … Read more