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Guest post: The power of listening

In this month’s guest post, we learn from trainer and coach, Stephanie Smith, about the powerful, but often under-rated, communication skill of listening. One of my favourite workshop exercises uses a picture. It’s a complex image; one of those where the longer you look, the more you see. I show participants the picture for 3 … Read more

Good reads on employee engagement

In a Wall Street Journal article about employee engagement that was published this summer, a senior leader from a retail organisation was quoted as saying: “We used to prioritize our stakeholders as shareholders first, customers second, and employees third. We now realize we had it backward. If we put employees first, they in turn take … Read more

My communication resolutions for 2017

Happy New Year! As a general rule, I don’t tend to make new year’s resolutions. Like a lot of targets, they seem to me to often be setting yourself up to fail. They’re usually full of things I think I should be stopping or doing more of and not the things that I really want … Read more

Communication training: what does your organisation need?

In theory every employee at an organisation should be able to communicate with others. In our modern, connected world, it is unusual not to communicate with any other human being at all – whether it be chatting to your family over dinner, exchanging views in an online chat forum or simply saying good morning to … Read more

Learning about leadership comms from #LCFC

I had planned to write today about leadership communication. That’s a big topic and I hadn’t quite decided which particular aspect I was going to focus on. Should it be the importance of harnessing your leaders’ personal style? Should it be the rise of ‘wonky comms’ and the need for comms professionals to facilitate leaders’ … Read more

4 communication lessons from the Football World Cup

World Cup fever has well and truly set in at my house. The sticker book is almost complete, the wall chart is up and the relevant match times have been written on the calendar. There is much excitement and anticipation as we await kick-off of the first game. As usual, my thoughts are turning to … Read more