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My communication resolutions for 2017

Happy New Year! As a general rule, I don’t tend to make new year’s resolutions. Like a lot of targets, they seem to me to often be setting yourself up to fail. They’re usually full of things I think I should be stopping or doing more of and not the things that I really want … Read more

Keeping your internal comms simple

I attended another great CharityComms event yesterday; this time a seminar on the changing face of internal communication, with case studies and tips on integrating internal and external comms, engaging your staff with a new organisational strategy and launching a new campaign with all your staff on board. As is often the case with events … Read more

Charity Writing and Communications Training Days, Oct 2015

I’m pleased to have been asked to run an internal communications session at the Charity Writing and Communications Training days at the Directory of Social Change again this year. I took part last year and it was great to have the opportunity to talk to people from a variety of organisations. Everyone was there to … Read more

How can I help you with your communications?

My clients are busy people, with lots to do and lots to achieve. They recognise that communication at their organisation needs improving – often because other people have told them so – but they don’t know where to start, haven’t got enough pairs of hands or they don’t feel confident enough in their own communication … Read more

3 things I love about my job

As a freelance communication specialist, I’m lucky enough to work with fascinating teams and for amazing organisations. Although all my work shares a communications theme, there is plenty of variety in the detail of my projects that is enjoyable and rewarding. Recently I’ve been reflecting on some of the most enjoyable, fun and proud moments … Read more

5 Tips for communicating dry subjects

How to make a dry subject more interesting? That’s a question I’m pondering at the moment, as I’m working with a procurement team. They are lovely, hard-working experts in their field who are striving to do their best for their organisation every day – but by their own admission, their subject matter isn’t at the … Read more

Employee engagement

Yesterday I attended the CharityComms Internal Communications group: a great chance to meet with other IC professionals in the not-for-profit sector, share ideas and talk about the things that we do that make a difference. With over 30 people in the room, it was encouraging to see how many charities are now taking communicating with … Read more

4 communication lessons for 4 decades

Yesterday was a big day for me – my 40th birthday! To celebrate the occasion, I have decided to write today about 4 communication lessons I have learnt during my 4 decades. (Don’t worry, I’ve also eaten cake, drunk champagne and spent lots of time with my lovely family and friends to celebrate – it’s … Read more

Transparent communication

Today I have been reading a new, thought-provoking report released by one of my clients, ActionAid, and a number of their partners. The Transparency Report brings together contributions from 17 organisations, mostly in the not-for-profit sector but not exclusively, each of whom have shared their views on transparency with their stakeholders and why it is … Read more

Browning York Ltd is open for business

[getty src=”185233364?et=oUbK_02DSexPH687ST2izw&sig=llYApuUbbXiR2pKy8H9rQnhIDl0c0omrGkqJ5FX6KCA=” width=”463″ height=”370″]After a fabulous summer recharging my batteries, I’m now back in the office and raring to go. Lots of new thoughts, ideas and plans are flying around my head, ready to be honed, perfected and released. These are exciting times! The first thing on the list is to continue my work helping … Read more