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It’s all in the timing

There are many areas of life where timing is all important. Communication is one of them. This is something that anyone who has ever had to talk to their boss about a difficult project knows very well. Or if you’ve had to persuade a 2-year-old to put their socks on! Cycles of work Working in … Read more

Carrying out an internal comms audit

Over the summer I am sharing examples of some of the projects I’ve been involved with over the years. I love the variety of clients I am lucky enough to work with and the ways in which I can help them communicate better in order to achieve their objectives. If you are taking the summer … Read more

4 tips for summer communication

The summer can be a funny time for organisational communication in most workplaces. At any given time, many colleagues will be away on holiday and those who are in the office may find themselves covering more work than usual. For some teams, such as the admissions teams at universities for example, the summer is the … Read more

An exercise in audience understanding

Effective communication is based on audience understanding. To build connections, communicate messages and listen to others, you need to understand them. What are they interested in? What motivates them? What have their experiences been? With this knowledge you can plan communications that are meaningful and move towards achieving your organisation’s objectives. Put yourself in their … Read more

Guest post: Content that encourages action

In this month’s guest post, my fellow communications professional, Amy Hutson, shares some top tips for ensuring that your content works hard and encourages your audience to do something as a result. While writing might be something we do every day, writing content that encourages our audience to take action can be quite a challenge. … Read more

How effective communication solves problems #1

I believe that effective communication solves problems by motivating people to take actions. But which problems? And which actions? To help my readers understand where communication can support them and their organisation, I have written a series of blog posts covering different problems you can solve by communicating well. This week I am looking at … Read more

Mental health and the internal communicator

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. It is fantastic that conversations about this important area of wellbeing are becoming more and more open. With increasing recognition of the impact of our mental wellbeing on all areas of our lives, our workplace communication has an even greater significance. We would not be able – or … Read more

3 steps to spring clean your communications

Spring is definitely in the air and today I have been having a spring clean of my home office. I’ve put up new lighter, brighter curtains, tidied away some clutter and put a lovely bunch of flowers on the window sill. I find that I immediately feel more energetic and creative myself, ready to meet … Read more

What is effective communication?

I often talk about ‘effective communication’ in my presentations, comms strategy conversations and training workshops. But what does that phrase actually mean? A good friend asked me this question after reviewing some text for me. And I thought ‘If Pat wants to know what effective communication is, then other people will probably be wondering the same … Read more